Monoculture: the compression and collapse of cultural challenge

Everything in our culture—every social media algorithm, every corporate ad buy, every “poptimist” influencer—wants us to narrow the possibilities of art. To make our culture smaller and smaller, and thus easier to control and profit from. Art with any value, that pushes us toward new experiences and new ways of seeing the world, is always a struggle against the odds.

— Lincoln Michel (Counter Culture)


This is the indulgence of monoculture. There are no challenges here. There are no edges. Everything is soft and that’s very bad.

— Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick (The Trend Report)

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Environment Nature

Climate change makes animal populations more susceptible to other impacts


Regulations aren’t keeping up with rapidly changing reality. We’re still in denial that we can do things the same as always without destroying it.

These stories are frustrating to read because we’ve been here before, and we should know better. But no one wants to give up or reduce their own share, whether it’s fisheries or water rights. But the ecosystems don’t lie, don’t care that people are counting on them for profit; eventually, either they’ll collapse and be gone for good, or we’ll figure out how to harvest sustainably 🤷‍♀️