Read Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us

Read Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us

In 2008, Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota launched the auto-bio webcomic Johnny Wander. Eight years, four cats, and three moves are chronicled in this gorgeous hardcover omnibus, which includes a foreword by Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Ghosts). Hirsh and Ota’s charming reverie about new adulthood will appeal to fans of Kate Beaton, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Jeffrey Brown along with anyone who’s just winging it.

Cute but not super compelling. Kind of a cozy read with fun quirky characters. Was hoping for a little bit more structure or arc overall — I get the impression this is an omnibus complete collection, but maybe some judicious rearrangement of related stories and culling of some comics might have made it more cohesive. Liked the art though wasn’t crazy about the halftone shading where it was used, made it harder to read. I wasn’t sure what the different colors were supposed to indicate — a new year? a new season?

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Read False Knees

Read False Knees by Joshua Barkman

In Barkman’s debut print collection, False Knees fans will find old favorites along with an abundance of all-new material. Featuring creatures found in the author’s native Ontario, this always sharp, sometimes head-scratchingly bizarre collection of comics offers a view into the secret, surprisingly insightful world of blue jays, squirrels, geese, wolves, and rabbits.

Delightful. He nails the animal expressions and poses, which adds to the humor of juxtaposed anthropomorphism. I feel like my natural history background added another level of appreciation to several of the comics. None were laugh out loud funny for me but I enjoyed the whole book.

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Read oh no

Read oh no by Alex Norris

A humorous and poignant comic collection about disappointments big and small based on the popular webcomic, Webcomic Name. Alex Norris’ v…

cover of comic book oh no with pink blob person saying oh noI’ve really enjoyed these comics online, and found this collection delightful. There are lots of self-aware jokes that poke fun at the book itself in a way that fits with the other comics well but also adds to the experience of reading this in a book format versus online. I found many of these comics rang very true for me and was laughing aloud as I was reading, which is pretty uncommon for me!