November COVID Updates

Long Covid after Breakthrough COVID-19: the post-acute sequelae of breakthrough COVID-19 (pre-print)

“We show that compared to people with no evidence of COVID-19, beyond the first 30 days of illness, people with breakthrough COVID-19 exhibit a higher risk of death and broad array of incident post-acute sequelae in the pulmonary system, as well as extrapulmonary sequelae that include cardiovascular disorders, coagulation disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, general disorders (e.g., fatigue), kidney disorders, mental health disorders, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and neurologic disorders.”

Mask wearing cuts Covid-19 risk in half, new study shows

Deer have coronavirus. That’s bad.

COVID19 Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths by Vaccination Status – Washington DOH – November 17 2021

SARSCoV2 Vaccine Breakthrough Surveillance and Case Information Resource – Washington DOH – November 17 2021

27% of cases in my age group have been breakthrough cases since Jan.

Health Shopping

Verified N95 Masks

Bookmarked Project N95 (

The Project N95 Marketplace is your trusted source for vetted personal protective equipment (PPE) & COVID-19 test kits from verified suppliers


Recalibrating Risk During COVID

Bookmarked I Had a Chance to Travel Anywhere. Why Did I Pick Spokane? (

After 18 months of pandemic parenting isolation, the writer Jon Mooallem knew just where the cure might lie: a minor-league baseball game in eastern Washington.

Emphasis mine.

It hadn’t been too painful, initially, to settle into a small, circumscribed life — going grocery shopping, volunteering at our local vaccine clinic, getting together with friends outside. But it meant I’d never been forced, or forced myself, to acclimate to the virus as much as other people seemed to have done. I wasn’t learning to live within the odds. This made me uneasy — personally uneasy, because I interpreted it as a lack of toughness, but also ethically uneasy, because I knew that in a broken society like ours, my comfort came at the expense of other people’s demoralization and discomfort. Still, that’s what happened. And while I’m sure this left me with an exaggerated sense of the risks of leaving my particular bubble, the real problem was, I’d started chronically undervaluing the rewards. I’d been forgoing so much that forgoing felt easy. Too many things I imagined doing began to feel skippable, arbitrary, not a tragedy to decline. Either I was approaching some new state of equanimity and contentedness or I was depressed.

After so many months of tracking Covid statistics and deciphering health-department dashboards, of being forced to visualize formerly mundane situations and make bungling calculations about distances, densities, air flow — the trajectories and life spans of billions of invisible aerosols eddying omnidirectionally through the air, and the odds of too many of them lodging up my nose — it was fun to imagine something random happening to me that was good.

[H]ow could anyone with moral integrity — look back on his survival and feel unequivocally good and deserving of it and also not wind up racked with compassion and hypersensitive to risk?

I was enjoying myself! I was energized! … Still, concurrent with all that, I never stopped clocking my proximity risk. All this expert entertainment and distraction and I still couldn’t mentally escape the pandemic as fully as those people just sitting around my hotel lobby seemed to have done…I had never managed to embrace that one pandemic mantra: “It’s probably fine.”

Food Fun

Watched GBBO S11E4

Watched Chocolate Week from

Chocolate Week is an episode of The Great British Bake Off starring Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, and Paul Hollywood. For the signature, the bakers made 18 chocolate brownies. For the technical, the bakers made a traditional Jewish…

Never heard of a babka but it looks tasty!

Food Fun

Watched GBBO S11E2&3

Bookmarked Biscuit Week (

Biscuit Week is an episode of The Great British Bake Off starring Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, and Paul Hollywood. Week 2 is biscuit week, challenging bakers to make chocolate florentines for the signature, macaroons for the…

Fell victim to the Netflix autoplay and watched two instead of one. I think they’re better one at a time than back to back.

Food Fun

Watched GBBO S11E1

Watched Cake Week from

Cake Week is an episode of The Great British Bake Off starring Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, and Paul Hollywood. Week one sees the bakers make battenbergs for the signature challenge, attempt pineapple upside down cakes for their…

Signed up for Netflix so we could watch The Office and saw this instead.

This show is such a joy to watch. I was howling with laughter as they made their cake busts.

Can’t believe this many people agreed to a COVID bubble for 7 weeks!

Is one of the presenters new? He’s rubbing me the wrong way. Hopefully he’ll grow on me but I just like Noel Fielding so much.


Feel the Way I Want

Watched Caroline Rose on KEXP at Home by Caroline Rose from YouTube

http://KEXP.ORG​ presents Caroline Rose performing “Feel The Way I Want”, recorded exclusively for KEXP.

Nice stripped back recording of this song, which was one of my top listens last year. Fun music video for it too…

Getting Shit Done Personal Growth

We Can’t Go Back

Listened Hurry Slowly Podcast: R.I.P. Productivity by Jocelyn K. Glei from

In this final episode of season 3 of the podcast, I reflect on my own journey into the world of productivity, what I’ve learned, and why I’m leaving it behind. In the process, I touch on the inevitable discomfort of new consciousness, why things are never going back to normal again, and how we can begin anew.

This episode did a great job at honing in on what I’ve been feeling about productivity and tying it into the pandemic: namely, that our cultural obsession with getting things done is symptomatic of our capitalist society, and the pause the pandemic forced us all to take stripped back the busyness that hid our fatigue and self medicating habits. Now we’ve realized how tired we are, and how capitalism has subsumed our identities, we can’t really go back. Her words matched my thinking that what we really need is to figure out how to restore our energy, and I love that she explicitly calls out the fact that none of us need to worry about productivity any more.

Her rallying cry also echoes what I’ve been brooding about lately: how we can use our unique skills to help make the world one we want to live in.

Mental Health The Internet

Zoom Exhaustion

Bookmarked A Theory of Zoom Fatigue by L. M. Sacasas (The Convivial Society)

Why is video-conferencing so exhausting?

The problem with video-conferencing is that the body is but isn’t there… The situation is more like a face-to-face encounter than most any other medium, but, for that very reason, it frustrates us because it is, nonetheless, significantly different. I suppose we might think of it as something like a conversational uncanny valley. The full range of what the mind assumes should be available to it when it perceives a body, simply isn’t there…

Participants are not, in fact, sharing the same physical space, making it difficult to perceive our conversation partners as part of a cohesive perceptive field. They lose their integrity as objects of perception, which is to say they don’t appear whole and independent; they appear truncated and as parts of a representation within another object of perception, the screen.

Mental Health

Forget the end, and just keep going

Bookmarked Opinion: COVID-19 is like running a marathon with no finish line. What does sports science say about how we can win it? by Alex Hutchinson (The Globe and Mail)

In any feat of endurance, humans want to see the goal – and in the pandemic, we’re not there yet, despite the breakthroughs in vaccine research. Staying in the moment might be better for us than fantasizing about a future just beyond reach

It turns out that, if you ask yourself “Can I keep going?” rather than “Can I make it to the finish?” you’re far more likely to answer in the affirmative.

Alex Hutchinson

“The next loop, always the next loop,” French runner Guillaume Calmettes told The Guardian after notching 59 laps in 59 hours to win a similar (but non-virtual) event in 2017. “You’re never overwhelmed by what you have left to run, because you simply don’t know what you have left to run.”

Via Austin Kleon.

Makes me think of Dory’s “just keep swimming,” which I turned into a “just keep spinning” mantra for biking up hills.

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