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Watched The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

Watched The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records from YouTube

I have no interest in video games but this oral history is told in such a compelling way I kept getting sucked in over what I was reading. For an hour and a half! The amount of research done is incredible. This is the type of cultural record that should be archived somewhere official, it’s that well done. And it’s made by some person funded by Patreon supporters — exactly what crowd funding is meant for, to create niche things like this that probably wouldn’t have been made otherwise.


Keepsake games: self-guided TTRPGs

Bookmarked Jeeyon Shim carved a new path in crowdfunding for her keepsake games by Alexis Ong (The Verge)

When Shim began a long-term collaborative partnership with artist / designer Shing Yin Khor, she knew she’d found her footing. Starting with Field Guide to Memory, the pair defined keepsake games as both a genre and a useful shorthand for their work.

Field Guide to Memory is a ‘keepsake’ game written inside your own personal journal

Throughout the game, the player offers their own insight through their journal — a physical book that documents their character’s diary, field notes, and correspondence with nonplayer characters.

The “keepsake” is the unique journal created through gameplay. Connected play is their description of a cohort play along where everyone shares what they’ve created and goes through the experience together.

I’ve discovered I don’t especially like games, but this sounds like a different style worth trying out. Could be fun to play, and could be fun to write 🤔

Game now available for self-guided play as pdf.

I also like the idea of their keepsake “collection boxes” that were high tier rewards on one of their earlier Kickstarters. Sounds fun to assemble.

Activism Romance

Genre fiction is political

Replied to When Will Novels Fix Society Already? by Lincoln Michel (Counter Craft)

Fiction can help us understand our world, but that doesn’t mean novels can solve our problems.

I think genre fiction is the place to look. Romancelandia raised $190k for voting rights in February, $45k for abortion rights in May — authors donating their books and services to raise money for freedoms, fans bidding those up because it’s for a good cause 😊 Sci-fi casts visions of the future, good and bad. Romance books are quietly showing worlds of hope and change — and romance has a huge audience compared to literary books. (Still small compared to TV but 🤷‍♀️) These are stories where women have choices and their choices matter, where people of all genders and relationships between all genders are celebrated. (Sure, both romance and sci-fi have their conservative contingents, but the broader fanbase seems to be progressive.) I think change can start in a small but dedicated group and spread outwards.

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Cooperative Patreon alternative

Bookmarked Comradery (Comradery)

Collect money from your subscribers on a cooperatively owned platform

Political Commentary

Crowdfunded war


A special kind of modern hell.

Entrepreneurship Resources and Reference

Kickstarter-ing Books

Bookmarked Kickstartup: Successful fundraising with & (re)making Art Space Tokyo by Craig Mod (

$24,000 in 30 days
a room full of books in 60
& a new way of publishing in 90

See also: Craig Mod’s Shopify plugin Kickstarter alternative Craigstarter

See also also: In Perpetuum

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