Liked How I Built a Learning Machine by Josh Branchaud (DEV Community)

So, I started writing up short, to-the-point microblogs about the different things I had learned. I started collecting these in a GitHub repository and indexed all of it with a README.

This repo was aptly named TIL (Today I Learned). I say aptly because I added to it, nearly daily, the small things I picked up from others and from my own googling, reading, and experimenting.

I like this idea – every day making note of something you learned! I’m not a developer so I don’t learn that much in my day job but seems like I learn some little factoid or another pretty regularly.

I have a developer friend who makes notes about what she accomplished or made progress on at work every day, which is another interesting approach (though less focused on learning). I tried it in my personal life for a couple weeks and it got to my competitive always be working I’m defined by my accomplishments mindset that I’m actively trying to move past. But, learning could be a softer, more fun practice – and then I could make one of those listicles of all the cool stuff I learned last year 😂