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Universal Design for online education

Bookmarked Neurodiversity Design System (Neurodiversity Design System)

The NDS is a coherent set of standards and principles that combine neurodiversity and user experience design for Learning Management Systems.

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Resources for learning about accessibility

Art and Design Websites

A poetically designed one thought website

Bookmarked helena.soft_tech (

e.e. cummings ish typography though breaking the leading instead of the words

I like to see people play with what a website can be.

Future Building House

Designing a future based on the biases of the past

Liked Why the ‘Kitchen of the Future’ Always Fails Us by Rose Eveleth (Eater)

In a world full of incredible technology, why can we still not imagine anything more interesting than a woman making dinner alone?

Writing off all these hypothetical kitchens as nonsense ignores how powerful the effect of their messaging can be.

Gender role stereotypes are so obnoxious — even though in my household I am the one who cooks. We went to an open house in the fancy part of our neighborhood once just to see what it looked like inside. The realtor chatted with us, and as we’re walking out the door, he points at my husband and tells him, “She wants a new kitchen, and you’re gonna pay for it!”


[Engineers and designers] operate on the premise that people don’t know what they need until it’s built for them. This is a useful principle in some ways, but when it comes to reconsidering how people interact with spaces and appliances they use every day with fluency, it results in an approach to innovation that only calls for talking, never listening.

The result is an array of potential futures that are strangely both unaware of the culture from which they spring, and at the same time constrained by it.

A “we know better” perspective? Here’s another opportunity for co-design.

Solving for problems with technology is exciting / venture capital-izable, while the more common “boring” problems that make a kitchen easier to use probably involve: improved storage, simpler / easier cleaning, and lower maintenance.

What would my dream kitchen have that I don’t have now?

  • A counter depth fridge with freezer on the bottom, not the side –> stop food from getting lost in the back of our fridge
  • An induction stovetop (currently have electric coil 😢) –> easy to clean stovetop that I won’t burn myself on
  • A hood range that actually vents outside –> healthier indoor air quality while I’m cooking
  • More counter space, especially next to the stovetop –> more room for mise en place / less stressful cooking
  • An easy-to-clean, low-maintenance countertop (currently have tile 😭) –> cleaner countertops that don’t always look grimy like tile grout
  • An easier-to-use pantry (ours has wire shelves that stuff falls through, and the shelves are too deep to see everything) –> less annoyance, easier access
  • Storage that’s easier for a short person like me to reach and use (I can’t reach half of the cabinet where we keep cups) –> less annoyance from lugging my stepstool around
  • Appliance storage so I don’t have to heft my heavy stand mixer up from floor level –> would use my appliances more often
  • Somewhere to store cat food (right now it’s in overflow storage under the stairs) –> save myself a trip down the hall

I could currently buy any of these things, if I had the money. No new inventions required.

New kitchen inventions I would like:

  • A blender that’s not a pain in the ass to wash.
  • Dishwashable non-stick pans.
  • Knives that hold their edge like carbon steel but don’t rust or react with red veggies.
  • Storage for tupperware — an apparently impossible problem 🤣

We’ve now lived in our house ten years without remodeling the 1988 kitchen 😂 Sure, a new kitchen would probably work a little better and be prettier. Yeah, I have a Pinterest inspo board, but I can admire pretty things without buying them. And how many hours of my and my husband’s lives do I really want to trade for a fancier kitchen?

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Art and Design History Resources and Reference

Historic design library

Bookmarked Cooper Hewitt Online Design Collection (

Explore over 30 centuries of design online, from ancient Roman marble to Pre-Columbian textiles, Renaissance drawings, contemporary 3D-printed chairs, and digital code. Please note that cataloging a collection of over 215,000 objects is a work in progress.


Website layout

Every Layout: Modular Scale

Every Layout: The Sidebar

Flexbox Patterns

Moving from HTML Grid Systems to CSS Grid Systems

How To Write Mobile-first CSS

How to build an HTML-only accordion

Practical CSS Scroll Snapping

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Questions for inclusive design

Bookmarked Another Lens (

Together with News Deeply, our design research team put together a set of guiding principles and exercises. These help designers address skewed perspectives in order to create thoughtful, inclusive work.

Our tool, Another Lens, poses a set of questions to help you balance your bias, consider the opposite, and embrace a growth mindset.

Art and Design Getting Shit Done Horror

Your life in checkboxes

Bookmarked 4k Weeks Poster™ (4KWEEKS)

Each box corresponds to one week in an average 88-year lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived. Seeing it on a daily basis will push you to take action, enjoy every moment, and focus on the things that matter.

Not sure if this would be inspiring or horrifyingly depressing.

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Want to read: Artificial Aesthetics

Bookmarked Artificial Aesthetics: A Critical Guide to AI, Media and Design (

Suppose you are a designer, an architect, a photographer, a video maker, a musician, a writer, an artist, or a professional or student in any other creative field. Or perhaps you are a digital creator making content in multiple media.You may be wondering how AI will affect your professional area in general and your work and career. This book does not aim to predict the future or tell you exactly what will happen. Instead, we want to offer you a set of intellectual tools to help you better navigate any changes that may come along.

Coming out one chapter a month – first chapter Nov 2021

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Resistance Library

Liked by Harper Perennial (Twitter)

Part of our Harper Perennial Modern Thought series, this 5 book set of independent thought illuminates the nature of TRUTH, humanity’s dangerous attraction to AUTHORITARIANISM, the influence of MEDIA & MASS COMMUNICATION, and the philosophy of RESISTANCE. #ResistanceLibrary

Resistance Library

I like the look of this collection! Fun colors, fun type, great retro feel that reminds me of old jazz album art, old papers. Looks like they’re no longer printed, 404 on the website 🤷‍♀️

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Adobe Max: Empowering Community

Watched Empowering Community Through Collaboration and Editorial Design from Adobe

Learn how to use the power of collaboration and community to create impactful editorial layouts that push the boundaries of stereotypes about race and design.

Interesting designs, talk didn’t address the pitch in a universally useful way.