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Read The Wolf and the Wallflower

Read The Wolf and the Wallflower (Wolves of the Ton #1)

Lord Jasper Thorne is the most eligible bachelor of the season, but he chafes against the expectation to marry a suitable lady and forge a strong alliance for his pack. Acting polite and proper at balls makes him want to take his wolf form and flee into the woods. Then he meets shy wallflower Ambrose and suddenly social events are much more tolerable.

Ambrose Linfield is hopelessly smitten the moment he meets handsome, charming Jasper. They discuss books they aren’t supposed to be reading, chat with each other at balls when Jasper should be dancing with ladies, even shift together under the full moon.

When Ambrose takes a bold chance and Jasper discovers the truth of his own feelings, everything changes. Secret kisses and stolen moments consume them, but the end of the season draws closer. Soon Jasper will have to do his duty, unless both of them are willing to defy their parents, their packs, and all of society.

This was cute, I’d read another from the series. It was pretty light and relatively low angst till the ending, so perhaps could have been a bit shorter since a lot of the scenes were similar, at balls or at the club. I liked the wolf culture but wished it could have been delved into deeper, especially how wolves and humans fit together.