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Re-watched Jurassic Park

Watched Jurassic Park from

For the first time in probably twenty years.

Haha, as a kid I didn’t pick up that the insurance money was the reason they needed the paleontologists or that the reason the scientists went was because they needed funding for their dig site.

Lots of great scenes / moments that held up to my memory: the water on the dash, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, “not unless they learn to open doors,” “clever girl.”

Man, Stephen Spielberg leaned into the hamminess for all he was worth. Loved it. The T. Rex roar at the end as the banner proclaiming “when dinosaurs ruled the earth” flutters to the ground? Fuckin killing it.

Oh God, I loved Jeff Goldblum’s character as a kid but now I think he’s a jerk. Ugh, the gaping shirt and woo woo necklace, reclining like Adonis with his leg in a tourniquet, talking down to the PhD paleobotanist, played to perfection as a skeezeball.

Yeah, some good ol doses of sexism and stereotypes in there – the fat slobby villain, playing the woman scientist dumb to let men explain things, the annoying precocious child. The movie is about the great moments, not so much the characters.