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Read How Stella Learned to Talk

Read How Stella Learned to Talk by Christina Hunger

The Groundbreaking Story of the World’s First Talking Dog. Pre-order now and get an exclusive video to help you teach your dog to talk!

I find Stella’s story fascinating, and Christina’s openness and curiosity to seeing how much Stella could learn. I’m impressed by her enthusiasm and willingness to experiment as a new speech pathologist just starting her career. Her perspective that everyone has something to say and deserves the tools to say what they want is heart-warming.

It’s really interesting to hear Stella’s journey, paired with Christina’s explanations of what was happening, compared with human language development stages, and how she decided what to do next. Christina’s own story was interwoven and an important element. It’s amazing to wonder how much dogs have to say!

I don’t have a dog but this has tons of advice and tips that would make it useful for someone who wanted to use AAC with their dog.