Art and Design Work

Collaborative drawing tool

Bookmarked Excalidraw+ | Online whiteboard collaboration made easy (

Whiteboarding tool with hand drawn like experience. Ideal for conducting interviews, drawing diagrams, prototypes or sketches and much more!

Art and Design History

Interpreting the Beijing Qingming Scroll

Bookmarked Song Scroll (

Painted during the Song dynasty by the artist Zhang Zeduan, this scroll is believed to be the earliest extant version of the famous Qingming shanghe tu 清明上河圖 Most scholars now accept this as the earliest extant version of the scroll … and date it to the twelfth century.

Cool way to add context and more information to a (literally long thus difficult to view on screens) historical document, to understand a) what’s going on and b) what’s important to notice, what’s important for the time period, what to learn from it.

Art and Design Health

Read Draw Stronger

Read Draw Stronger by Kriota Willberg

Draw Stronger is a comprehensive self-care guide to prevent art related repetitive stress injuries and to sustain a pain-free, life-long drawing practice.

Comics are a really effective way to illustrate both the stretches and types of pain and injuries you can get from drawing and other repetitive motions! I picked this book up this summer when I was feeling some weird sensations in my hands and used this to rest and stretch better, as well as making my workflow more ergonomic. This has lots of different stretches that I think would be helpful for anyone who sits and uses their hands a lot, as well as several different “stretch routines” you can follow.

Art and Design Resources and Reference

Design Learning

Design Readings

Books, pdfs, and websites that make up a comprehensive design library and provide commentary on design topics and how design interacts with the real world.

Readymag Design Almanac Typography

Readymag Design Almanac is an educational project covering the fundamentals of design. This chapter is dedicated to font combination: it examines four classic font pairings and explains in detail why they make such a perfect match.

Drawing Tips and Lessons from Steve Lowtwait

I post frequent art breakdowns, mostly related to environment design in my field of animation, but also character design and color work. I cover composition, perspective, storytelling, and more from my experience as an animation Art Director.

Book Cover Design Advice from Kathryn Rosa Miller

Case study makeovers of indie book covers, primarily in the SFF genres, by a graphic designer.


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