Fantasy Romance

Read Ten Thousand Stitches

Read Ten Thousand Stitches (Regency Faerie Tales, #2)

Euphemia Reeves has most inconveniently fallen in love with Mr Benedict Ashbrooke. Housemaids do not marry gentlemen, of course… but a faerie named Lord Blackthorn is only too eager to help Effie win Mr Benedict’s heart regardless.

Effie knows what a terrible idea it is to accept help from one of the Fair Folk—but life as a maid at Hartfield is so awful that she is willing to risk even her immortal soul for a chance at something better. Now, Effie has one hundred days and ten thousand stitches to make Mr Benedict fall in love with her and propose… if Lord Blackthorn doesn’t wreck things by accident, that is. For Effie’s greatest obstacle might well be Lord Blackthorn’s overwhelmingly good intentions.

Delightful fairy tale with a social conscience! The theme of anger returned in this book, put to good ends and bringing forth justice. The ending was everything I hoped for. Our faerie is chaos and charm, innocence and fun and good intentions mixed up with whimsy and misunderstanding. I love his outdoor home.

Fantasy Romance

Read Dance with the Fae Prince

Read A Dance with the Fae Prince (Married to Magic, #2) by Elise Kova

Katria swore she’d never fall in love. She’s seen what “love” means through the cruelty of her family. So when she’s married off to the mysterious Lord Fenwood for a handsome price, all Katria wants is a better life than the one she’s leaving. Feelings are off the table.

But her new husband makes not falling in love difficult.

As their attraction begins to grow, so too do the oddities within her new life: strange rules, screams in the night, and attacks by fae that Katria never thought were real. When she witnesses a ritual not meant for human eyes, Katria finds herself spirited away to the land of Midscape.

Surviving the fae wilds as a human is hard enough. Katria must survive as a human who accidently pilfered the magic of ancient kings – magic a bloodthirsty king is ready to kill her for in order to keep his stolen throne – and her new husband is the rightful heir in hiding.

The power to save the fae is in her hands. But who will save her from a love she vowed never to feel?

Enjoyed this even as I was yelling at the heroine to stop being a dimwit and put two and two together. Her vehemence against love seemed misplaced though it came together in the end. She is written very well as someone who has been emotionally abused and made herself smaller, and she eventually learns to see her own value although it can make her choices and thoughts frustrating for belittling herself. Written in present tense, feels maybe new adult more than YA? There is an on page sex scene though it’s very vaguely described.

Fantasy Romance

Read Half a Soul

Read Half a Soul (Regency Faerie Tales, #1)

It’s difficult to find a husband in Regency England when you’re a young lady with only half a soul. Ever since a faerie cursed her, Theo…

This was charming and a lovely way to pass an evening. The ending seemed quite appropriate, although not what I had expected. I think the climax could have benefitted from one more chapter, maybe, it all happened very fast and I needed to reread a couple pages.

It was interesting to have a character like Dora who feels things less intensely, and I thought written well. I appreciated the underlying theme of tackling ill in the world where you can, even if you can’t change the harmful systems at large.

Fantasy Romance

Read A Deal with the Elf King

Read A Deal with the Elf King (Married to Magic, #1) by Elise Kova

Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and Uprooted, this stand-alone, fantasy romance about a human girl and her marriage to th…

Enjoyed this Hades/Persephone spin with dark elves and humans with plant magic, I’ll read the next book. This was my first read from Elise Kova. Interesting worldbuilding and magic system, though I would have appreciated seeing a little bit more limitations on it. I liked how the heroine drew out the hero but also that his reasons for acting the way he did became more explicable as she learned about his experience.

Some minor quibbles I had were related to it feeling a little YA, with the heroine acting pretty dumb several times towards the beginning of the book. I was also a little frustrated it took so long for her to come to her senses at the end of the book as well, and feel like it would have benefited from a little bit more of a denouement. The added epilogue chapter from the author’s site helped that.