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The Great Surrender on COVID

Liked The Great Surrender: How We Gave Up And Let COVID Win by Chuck Wendig (Chuck Wendig: Terribleminds)

I feel like I’ve lost my goddamn mind…our numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, in most cases not just by a hair’s breadth, but often by two, three, even four times their previous peaks…we are doing less now to mitigate cases than ever before.

It’s a relief to see someone else thinking that the world is going crazy to just give up on a disease that gives anywhere from 10-77% of people chronic illness – especially in a country that shits on disabled people (Exhibit A, the CDC Director saying oh the people who are dying were already sick, F U disabled people) (also can we stop diminishing comorbidities, which like a ton of Americans actually have when you consider they’re common things like depression and diabetes and heart disease and obesity – it’s like an ostrich in the sand invincibility mentality with the “it’s other people dying I’m not sick I just have all the common American health problems that’s not *sick* sick”)

My coworkers say they want to get it to get it over with. I’m just not ready to risk getting a disease that trashes my brain (with mild sickness (pre-pub)) and has a good shot of disabling me before I have to!!! Even the WHO says it’s too early to treat it as endemic.