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Went to Cavedweller Spotlight #2

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We are a global community working on a huge variety of projects.
But we rarely get a glimpse of what’s created in The Cave.
Come see what some of our members are passionate about.

Maggie Downs (Palm Springs, CA) – writing on the (time-traveling) power of smell – working on a book

  • Scent is the only sense that isn’t filtered –> more direct line to memory, remembered emotions
  • The Smellitzer – Disney aroma-diffusing machine
    • I have little interest in going to Disney for the experience, but I am very interested in *how* Disney crafts and curates experience — this for smell, “go away green” to ‘hide’ the utilitarian necessities that might detract from the magic and illusion
  • “Smell Walk” tours
  • Art exhibit focused on smell by Sissel Tolaas

Wenlin Tan (Turin, Italy) – podcast on the heroine’s journey

Tim Vreeland (Ventura, CA) – CaveDay brings him peace – indirectly led to his ADHD diagnosis

Sana B (Toronto, Canada) – business coach

  • We can learn from tapping into neglected parts of ourselves
  • “Abundance mindset” –> accepting our uniqueness

Samia Minnicks (Richmond, VA) – photo restoration and wedding photographer with focus on Black love

  • focus on impact vs. perfectionism with photo restoration
  • falls in love with the subject of the photo for every photo restoration, such a deep time spent together that raises so many questions

Read The Heroine’s Journey

Read The Heroine’s Journey by Gail Carriger

Tired of the hero’s journey? Frustrated that funny, romantic, and comforting stories aren’t taken seriously? Gail Carriger presents a clear concise analysis of the heroine’s journey, how it differs from the hero’s journey, and how you can use it to improve your writing and your life.

Insightful, humorous and inspiring! She helpfully contrasts the hero’s journey with the heroine’s repeatedly through different angles and examples. This will be helpful in both SF and romance writing! Several of the stories I’m writing fit this structure nigh perfectly – unsurprising since they are romance and all about working together!