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How to add sidenotes to my website

Bookmarked Making semantic sidenotes without JavaScript (Koos Looijesteijn)

Sidenotes can make a plain text richer. Here’s how you can implement them with HTML and CSS alone.

It was surprisingly difficult to find info about implementing sidenotes rather than endnotes. This page lists a lot more implementation options.


Website layout

Every Layout: Modular Scale

Every Layout: The Sidebar

Flexbox Patterns

Moving from HTML Grid Systems to CSS Grid Systems

How To Write Mobile-first CSS

How to build an HTML-only accordion

Practical CSS Scroll Snapping


Pricing plan HTML

Bookmarked HTML And CSS Tables That You Can Use On Your Website by SR Staff (

CSS tables are useful for organizing and presenting data in an appealing way. Visuals are an important aspect of websites.
Visitors do not want to have to read dry, boring, and long lines of text. Instead, they want to see images, graphs, and tables.
Not every website needs a table but those with da…

Pricing Plans by Florin Pop

Resources and Reference Websites

Responsive HTML Tables

Making Charts with CSS

Responsive Data Tables

Responsive Data Table Roundup

Tables in CSS: The ultimate style guide


Responsive Web Design Course

Bookmarked Responsive Web Design Course by (

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