Fantasy Writing

SFF Interactive Fiction

I mentioned to a friend that I was curious about interactive fiction and she recommended some to try.

Choice of the Deathless – by Max Gladstone – urban fantasy/ horror/ humor

Andromeda Six – sci-fi, Firefly vibes, found family

Twin Coves – demo – urban fantasy PI in the 90s

Vespertines – demo – urban fantasy

A Tale of Crowns – fantasy influenced by Kurdish myth

Art and Design History

Interpreting the Beijing Qingming Scroll

Bookmarked Song Scroll (

Painted during the Song dynasty by the artist Zhang Zeduan, this scroll is believed to be the earliest extant version of the famous Qingming shanghe tu 清明上河圖 Most scholars now accept this as the earliest extant version of the scroll … and date it to the twelfth century.

Cool way to add context and more information to a (literally long thus difficult to view on screens) historical document, to understand a) what’s going on and b) what’s important to notice, what’s important for the time period, what to learn from it.

Art and Design

Adobe Max: Interactive Documents

Watched Transforming Any Document into a Digital Experience with InDesign from Adobe

Learn how to transform any document into an immersive digital experience ready for the web with InDesign. Include hyperlinks, videos, image galleries, and more.

Presented by Kladi

Beginner level session — but she moves quickly enough it’s actually interesting to see someone else’s workflow. Picked up some shortcuts I didn’t know, I should probably get around to looking up and learning them for InDesign since I use it so much 😅


  • Escape –> select text frame after creating it
  • Alt-Ctrl-C –> fit to frame
  • Alt-Shift-Drag –> copy and move on same plane
  • Shift-Option-Ctrl-E –> size proportionally
  • Ctrl-2 –> text frame options

Epub Interactivity Preview:

  • Clear preview to refresh
  • Full document preview mode (bottom right corner), then press play

Add video from media panel