Taffy by Wild Bill Davis and Johnny Hodges

Listened to Taffy – Live from

Wild Bill Davis · Song · 1967

Some rad organ on here, and a sweet trombone solo.

Comics History

Read Chasin’ the Bird

Read Chasin’ the Bird by Dave Chisholm

The graphic novel tells the story of Bird’s time in L.A. starting in December 1945, where Bird and Dizzy Gillespie brought frenetic sounds of bebop from the East Coast jazz underground to the West Coast for a two-month residency at Billy Berg’s Hollywood jazz club.

An unflinching, loving look at someone’s hero, clearly written by someone who deeply admires Charlie Parker as a musician. This gives Bird’s demons the weight they deserve and doesn’t excuse them, while also not dismissing his contributions to jazz and music and defining him solely by his failings. Told in short stories from the perspectives of several people who knew or met Bird during his time in California, each chapter illustrated in a different style with unique type, each story exposing another piece of what the truth may be. As an alto sax player whose first CD purchase was a crappy Bird and Diz set, who had a book transposing Bird’s recordings so I could practice playing his solos, Charlie Parker was a musician I looked up to even while knowing he struggled with addiction and died young. I thought this comic was sensitive to the complexity of his life and the racist environment he lived in.

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Making Electro Swing Music

If I ever actually dip my toe into this possible hobby:


Fela Kuti

Watched Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Pansa Pansa – FULL HD (Berlin 1978) by Alain Guilloux from

One of the few pro-shot concerts of legendary musician Fela Kuti with his band Africa 70, playing for the jazz festival in Berlin, 1978. Fela was a social activist and leader who fought for freedom and justice in Nigeria. He died in 1997.

I’d never heard of Fela Kuti but saw he’s been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A fellow sax player! Just based on this one song I like his singing better than his playing but that could just be this song.

His outfit in this video is incredible, love it.


Watched Soul

Watched Soul from Pixar

Soul is a movie starring Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, and Graham Norton. A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself.

This was great and also made me cry and laugh out loud. As someone who loved playing jazz in high school, but gave up playing more than ten years ago, this was a moving watch. (Especially loved there was a woman alto sax player as the band leader!)

I enjoyed the theme of living beyond purpose. I kept waiting for him to realize how much he got out of teaching, and although it didn’t explicitly go there, I thought the ending note was perfect.

This tackled the idea of everyday lives being somehow uninspiring or meaningless – when Joe’s looking at a “recap” of his life that seems sad and presents failure after failure, he comments something like, that’s not how it felt. It may look meaningless from the outside, but he knows the value of his experiences *to him.*