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Read Patience & Esther

Read Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance | Iron Circus Comics by S.W. Searle

An interesting story concept and setting. A little too sweet for my taste though I liked the second half better than the first. The round, smooth artwork (reminiscent of Chris Ware but with more feeling) suited the story well.

There were a few time jumps that were a little unclear or uneven for me. The ending in particular was a little too fast for me.

I liked the suffrage story element.

Multiple explicit sex scenes. I think I’m not that into illustrated sex scenes.

Body-positive with fat representation, and the artwork included stretch marks.

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Bookmarked Kickstartup: Successful fundraising with & (re)making Art Space Tokyo by Craig Mod (

$24,000 in 30 days
a room full of books in 60
& a new way of publishing in 90

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