Getting Shit Done

Decide before doing

Liked Separate deciding from doing by Anna Havron (

Being organized means you make decisions BEFORE you act. This is true for time management, and it is true for managing the objects in your physical environment.

That’s the big secret.

Separate your decisions about your time, your energy, and your things, from your actions.

I have also found this to be key in writing: planning ahead of time makes the process of turning a story into prose SO MUCH easier!

I like the idea of designating homes for objects separately from the tidying up process.

Reflection Websites

Life lesson: buy the domain

It’s a cheap way to hold onto an idea so you don’t kick yourself later when you want it.

Lost out on two .com domains that were available when I thought of them but now have been bought. Wasn’t ready to do anything with the ideas yet but now if I do I’ll have a shitty url 🤷‍♀️