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Vintage streaming online

Bookmarked Vintage Obscura Radio (Vintage Obscura Radio)

Internet radio station playing the top tracks from the /r/vintageobscura sub-reddit.

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Listen through your favorite band’s catalog

Bookmarked In Praising of “Listening Through” (Every Album By Your Favorite Artist) – Kevin Smokler by Kevin Smokler (Kevin Smokler)

Why you should listen to every album by a band you love

Sounds fun!


Owning my music data

At Homebrew Website Club on Wednesday, GWG challenged me to explore owning my scrobbles, pointing me to Jan’s implementation (GitHub). I said I listen to way too much music and I’d need to do a separate WordPress install on a subdomain dedicated to tracking listens, so I ruled it out.

Except then I came across ClassicPress and am curious about trying it out.

And I decided to port my playlists from Spotify to Tidal and got correspondingly irritated about walled gardens and data portability and losing the full record of some of my playlists because Tidal doesn’t have rights to some of the songs. And I came across kandr3s’ online playlists where his playlists are recreated in order with links / embeds to play the songs.

So now I’m thinking about it 😂 #idontneedanotherwebsite

Not making any promises…but pondering what my goal would be with the data. Would it be just a backup of that I owned, or would I be able to manipulate the data more than I could there?

Keeping accessible format playlists has some appeal, although potentially a lot of manual work unless I found some way to transform the csv files I downloaded from Exportify into a blog post. The files do include the Spotify URIs for the tracks, albums and artists so I’m sure there’s a way that I’d just have to figure out. Although, I’d want to give more thought to what I would use the playlist for, to make it a useful format.

I feel like there should be a micropub client for listens, really, where you had (later searchable and sortable) fields for track, artist, album, and year the album came out. Something like indiebookclub, except indiemusicclub 😎

Actually, this type of listening library is another type of personal library for me to get ideas about at the upcoming Personal Libraries Pop-Up.


Music of 2021

Top played albums of 2021: (Artists top row l-to-r: Tame Impala, Caroline Rose, Miike Snow, Dent May; Second row l-to-r: OK Go, Washed Out, Islands, Ladytron; Third row l-to-r: Ladytron, Hot Chip, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Sebastian; Bottom row l-to-r: Todd Terje, Broken Bells, OK Go, Chairlift)

Data: I’m relying solely on data since I learned that Spotify Wrapped only uses data through the end of October, which cuts off two whole months of listening. The numbers differ between Spotify and, which makes me wonder if one of them is being dumb, or some scrobbles aren’t making it to The Musicorum project turns your stats into a Wrapped-style report.

What I Listened To

  • 4100 unique tracks
  • 1650 artists
  • 2700 albums

Spotify Wrapped 2021

I like Spotify Wrapped but am always a little irritated it comes out in December instead of January — there’s still a whole month left! But apparently I listen more than most people… and maybe a lot of people screw up their stats with holiday music in December?

That’s a bit over 20 hours a week, or about 3 hours a day. That doesn’t seem like that much to me? But I think I tend to be a gorger of music and books, while lots of other people gorge on TV or video games 🤷‍♀️

As per usual, Spotify has bonkers genres and claims I’ve listened to 140. My top genres (two of which I recognize):

  1. Indie rock
  2. New rave
  3. Shimmer pop
  4. New wave
  5. Neo-psychedelic

(Playlists from Every Noise at Once – should be a way to find more songs I like 😉)

My top artists are no surprise: Islands, Ladytron, Tame Impala, Spoon and OK Go. Though I try to listen to a variety of music – I listened to 1906 artists (so far) in 2021 – those favs mark a pretty good indicator of my age. Guess we just can’t escape the sounds of our late teens, early twenties 🤷‍♀️

I have to lol that I am indeed the super-est fan to superfan of my favorite very indie band no one has heard of, Islands <3

And to round it out, my top five tracks:

I know they like to switch it up every year but I liked the “how many countries” stat they had in the past, especially since that’s nigh impossible to figure out yourself. They probably design this more for the average listener, and need to have stats that will be interesting for everyone no matter how much they’ve listened to.

It’s frustrating they have all this data that we can’t access. I get more than a lot of people because I use LastFM but that isn’t in a format you can analyze like this. They also do a year end report (actually at the end of the year) but again doesn’t let you see the data. Too bad our data laws don’t let us download our own data, in a usable format that doesn’t require transforming or cleaning up first (looking at you Fitbit).

Activism Comics Learning

Don’t try to make yourself look good for knowing things when you’re there to learn

Quoted Q&A: Comics for Social Good by Lucy Bellwood (

Let people explain what they’re doing in their own words. Rewatching the interviews, I saw myself eagerly jumping in to demonstrate that I’d done my research and knew what the interviewees were talking about, which accomplished nothing useful aside from stroking my own ego. It’s easy to get overexcited about having learned a lot of new information in a short period of time, but asking open questions and letting people share what’s most important and meaningful to them and their organization is far more important.