The Internet

The continents of the Internet

Quoted Do fans actually want to monetize? by Allegra Rosenberg (Garbage Day)

Undeniably, the internet has a biogeography all its own — a landscape of human settlements distributed according to resources and infrastructure.  Digital borders are determined by commercial choices and complicated by user resistance; migrations from platform to platform affect the emotional landscape of communities as they fracture and shift. Metaphors like continental drift, erosion, and fault lines can be useful in trying to visualize the evolution of online trends. 

I’m thinking of mapping the many types of divisions of the internet like layers in GIS: the interests layer stacked on the demographics layer stacked on the site/silo layer.

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Climate commentary map art

Liked Petrofuture Gallery by JeffreyJeffrey (

The Petrofuture series of maps is a work of parody…taking old pieces of oil company advertising and propaganda, and turning it back on itself.

Using vintage gas station maps as a base, I add 66 meters of sea level rise, the highest predicted by the IPCC if all the ice sheets melt.

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Waypoint pop-up looks a little buggy but worth checking for road trip / trip planning ideas 💡

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Dry season


🤯 that Winter isn’t the rainy season in the Midwest – knew there was a rain shadow effect but wouldn’t have guessed it made winter dry there.