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Watched Total Recall

Watched Total Recall from

When a man goes in to have virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars implanted in his mind, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real – or is he?

Never seen this before, I can see a lot of references to it in other movies I’ve seen over the years. Red pill lol. They got a lot right tech-wise: autonomous vehicles, flat screen TVs, body scanners at security, video calls. I called out the wife was fucked up in the first couple minutes. Nice job keeping it open ended whether or not it was real. Very Philip K Dick.

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The Dunes of Mars

Bookmarked HiRISE | High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment by University of Arizona (

Gorgeous textures of geologic formations on Mars, courtesy of NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab / University of Arizona. These would make beautiful additions or backgrounds for artwork…

152 pages of this… What a bounty!

Plains South of Valles Marineris
North Polar Gypsum Dunes
Sediment forms in Proctor Crater

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Minimum Population for a Self-Sustaining Space Colony

Bookmarked Minimum Number of Settlers for Survival on Another Planet (

Salotti, J. Minimum Number of Settlers for Survival on Another Planet. Sci Rep 10, 9700 (2020).

110 people

Calculations based on Mars using mathematical models

Sharing labor is key to balancing output needs with input capabilities