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The idea of needing motivation is demoralizing

Liked The Imperfectionist: In your own way by Oliver Burkeman (

I think the assumption that you need to “motivate yourself” in order to take action is a big part of what stops us taking action on the things that matter most.

The premise is that if you want to get around to what matters, you’ll need to gin yourself up, fighting your natural tendency toward inertia, summoning fresh reserves of energy, plus a can-do mindset. And that you can expect all this to require a constant replenishment of effort…

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Anxiety is Distrust

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Your life in checkboxes

Bookmarked 4k Weeks Poster™ (4KWEEKS)

Each box corresponds to one week in an average 88-year lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived. Seeing it on a daily basis will push you to take action, enjoy every moment, and focus on the things that matter.

Not sure if this would be inspiring or horrifyingly depressing.

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Intrinsic Motivation

Bookmarked 52 Helpful Examples of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (Mindmonia)

Understanding the differences between the two types of motivation and how to leverage them is essential for your long term success.

4 steps to the development of intrinsic motivation:

  • Autonomy
  • Competence / Mastery
  • Relatedness (group belonging)
  • Purpose
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Interrogate your motives for creative social justice activism

Bookmarked How to think differently about doing good as a creative person by Omayeli Arenyeka (

A guide to avoiding Creative Savior Complex when working on social impact projects, written by Omayeli Arenyeka and illustrated by Neta Bomani.