2000s Freezepop

Listened tenisu no boifurendo by Freezepop from YouTube()

anata wa taitei zuibun ogenki desu ne tenisu no boifurendo totemo ii desu yo

Wow that’s some DIY production quality 😂 I’ve been on an old Freezepop kick this week which of course is not on Tidal 🙄 so I pulled up YouTube to listen on my phone. Maybe I’ll shell out for more storage on my next phone so I can load songs I own 🤷‍♀️

And from 2004:


Haha I don’t think I ever had an Orange Julius but it sure came to symbolize a particular era of the mall. I did make myself an orange vanilla shake yesterday 😂

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Violin Tsunami

Watched Kishi Bashi – Violin Tsunami (Official Video) by Joyful Noise Recordings from

“Violin Tsunami” from Kishi Bashi off the album ‘Omoiyari’ out on Joyful Noise Recordings. Stream/Download/Purchase:

Video Created by: Julia and Mike McCoy
Tandem Media:
With help from: Benjamin J. Strickland (Brian Box)

For more information on the Japanese American Incarceration, visit:

Info about the album ‘Omoiyari’:

In that pattern of things popping up all at once, this music video inspired by the Japanese internment camps comes right after reading They Called Us Enemy and visiting the bonsai exhibit about how Japanese incarceration during WWII changed the bonsai world.


Gonna Watch It Burn

Watched P’tit Belliveau – Income Tax (Official Music Video) by P’tit Belliveau from

That was weird.


Rock opera cover of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons


I was listening to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons the other day and thought, this would make a killer electronic cover. And The Internet Provided. Not quite what I was aurally envisioning but also kick-ass 😉