The Planthunter: truth, beauty, chaos, and plants

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Funnily I was just talking about “stealing” succulents to propagate last night 😉 ETA: apparently nurseries call it “proplifting” – I feel like if you’re at a nursery you should buy the plant but everywhere else is fair game

Spread in book showing palm trees in an urban setting against a full page typographic spread proclaiming all plants are beautiful
All plants are equal.
All plants are worthy of love and attention. Plants are not objects.

This is a book with Opinions.

A garden is not an object, but a process.

– quoted from Ian Hamilton Finlay

Cat making biscuits on my robe in front of the book opened to a spread with a zen style pond
Reading buddy
Bromeliads on a thick branch dripping with moss
Bromeliads 😍
Garden in the Piet Oudolph perennial garden style with grasses mixed with textural succulent soft blue-green plants
Yes please!
Spread with rich red background and photo of a guy in an abandoned parking lot looking at rubble of concrete
Tell me how this is a garden

Interviews with an assortment of gardening folks with different opinions and styles. I didn’t read em just looked at the pics 🤷‍♀️

I wanted to create a garden that almost frightened people.

– Michael Shepherd in New Zealand

Interesting graphic design by Evi O Studio. Each interview starts with a bold color page, the color inspired by a specific plant, and spartan typography.

Fun Garden

Does my plant need watering?

Bookmarked How to make a plant monitor dashboard: Part I by James (

Do you sometimes forget to water your plants when they are in need of some water? I am the sort of person that writes down “water plants” but forgets about it for a day or two before finally watering my plant.