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Society and environment sets the baseline for your health

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We like to blame others for making choices that cause their woes but it’s easy to fall into some logical fallacies — turns out the whole every individual for themselves thing doesn’t really reflect reality, or help improve outcomes.

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Article pairing: income inequality

Britain and the US are poor societies with some very rich people

Weirding Diary: 7

Fourth world: Parts of the developed world that have collapsed past third-world conditions because industrial safety nets have simultaneously withered from neglect/underfunding, and are being overwhelmed by demand, but where pre-modern societal structures don’t exist as backstops anymore.


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Child Labor is Alive in America

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Only poor kids have to work to have fun.

My daughter has the opportunity to go on a school trip abroad next year. I am sure it will be expensive. I don’t know how her school addresses the fact that access will be severely limited by cost. Maybe they have a good solution! But here’s how it usually goes,

“We know this opportunity is an extra expense. We encourage the kids to find opportunities to earn money to contribute to the cost of their trip.”

Find opportunities to earn opportunity! Just so American, right? Childhood enrichment is sold as some bootstrapping moment of working enlightenment for the kids. They can EARN this trip! It’s a LEARNING opportunity. But that line isn’t included for ALL the kids. It’s just there to make people feel better about the kids who can’t participate.

“Well, we told kids to work for the money. If they couldn’t figure it out it’s not because we failed. They just didn’t want it enough.”