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Seattle riso printing

Bookmarked Paper Press Punch (

Community based risograph print and book studio

I ❤️ risograph printing!

Workshop + open studio

Also affordable rates for printing

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Print your own newspaper

Bookmarked Newspaper Club – Make and print your own newspapers (

We help you make your own newspaper. Print one copy or thousands, from a range of sizes. We ship internationally and offer a fast, friendly service.

About $2 each for tabloid at 100 copies

Curious how a local printer would match up 🤔

Art and Design

Risograph Bird

Liked Bullfinch Mini Card by Scout Editions (

Bird mini risograph print in pink and black

This is fun, one day I would love to design a riso print! I like that you use for density for shading and also enjoy how people stack two colors for a third. Like letterpress but a different vibe.

Art and Design

Watched Kissa by Kissa Design Q&A


Craig Mod’s writing and the career he’s built doing his own thing are super interesting and inspiring to me. Here he talks about his process of book design from type setting to cover production.

Art and Design

Algae Ink Offset Printing

Liked (
Person with ink on their thumb holding printed sheet with an ink blotch design and info about algae ink
Designed by Ordinary Things

Patagonia used algae ink (created by Living Ink) for a printing project, designed by Ordinary Things. Appreciate experimenting with new materials that are less environmentally harmful. Looks cool on a one color piece though more brown than black (maybe intentional?), interested to see how this tech develops.