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Liked Petrofuture Gallery by JeffreyJeffrey (

The Petrofuture series of maps is a work of parody…taking old pieces of oil company advertising and propaganda, and turning it back on itself.

Using vintage gas station maps as a base, I add 66 meters of sea level rise, the highest predicted by the IPCC if all the ice sheets melt.

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All Astronaut Art All the Time

Liked projects (Rolands Zilvinskis)

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Love this rendering by Rolands Zilvinskis, You’re My Universe. Thee pose is *chef’s kiss* and I love that their space suits are different colors. Great vibe.

Just bought a print of a Scott Listfield painting last week, Purple Mountains. It’d look nice with that other piece if it was a print.

Painting of astronaut looking at purple mountains cast in purple light of dawn or dusk

Listfield’s most recent show, This is America, felt so perfect for 2020 in the best and worst way, his vision of a burning, post-apocalyptic America almost too close to reality.

I find I like art of astronauts in all sorts of incongruous places. Earlier this year I nabbed a Karen Jerzyk photo for my office. Her lonely astronaut series is compelling.

I love the visual metaphor of distant observation and detachment, yet the astronaut is out in the world, seeing, experiencing. Zilvinskis’ piece caught my eye as an outlier to many astronaut art themes — the astronaut is not alone. They have a companion, in isolation together. (Hmm, maybe there’s a coronavirus connection there too.) There is hope in the world he’s rendered. I and my friends have been talking lately about how we want to see more optimistic sci-fi, especially near future.