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A Visual Library of Knots

Bookmarked Trucker’s Hitch (

The Trucker’s Hitch (Power Cinch Knot, Lorry Knot, Haymaker’s Hitch, Harvester’s Hitch) provides a mechanical advantage when being tightened.

A whole library of knots with stop motion instructions on tying them, useful situations, and comparative recommendations on similar knots.

Comics History

Read Baggywrinkles

Read Baggywrinkles by Lucy Bellwood

Welcome to the world of Baggywrinkles a rollicking, educational survey of maritime lore, built around cartoonist Lucy Bellwood’s time aboard tall ships. From the scourge of scurvy to the exhilaration of climbing the rigging for the first time, Lucy’s comics bring the reader into a world of high seas history and informative adventure.

A collection of comic “essays” about tall ships, incorporating history lessons and her own experiences. Her enthusiasm for tall ships comes through. I would have liked a few more essays or one-pagers to flesh it out a bit more – one more autobio essay at the end would have helped round it out and make it feel more of its own thing than a collection of smaller things.

That said, this feels like what I should aim for as a first big comics project: a collection of small, even mini comics.