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Build a reputation instead of a personal brand

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When we position ourselves as a brand, we are forced to project an image of what we believe most people will approve of and admire and buy into. The moment we cater our creativity to popular opinion is the precise moment we lose our freedom and autonomy.

But rather than manufacturing a personal brand, why not build a reputation? Why not develop our character? Imagine what we could learn from each other if we felt worthy as we are instead of who we project ourselves to be.

I think it’s interesting to look at personal brands through the lens of insecurity. I imagine many people think of it as “positioning” or storytelling, but underneath, those are needed if you’re afraid you won’t be enough on your own.

I think it can be helpful to consider personal branding as a form of self discovery, a tool to help determine what you want to do, but there can be a risk of self containment.

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Microwave days

Liked Wide open spaces by Kara Cutruzzula (Brass Ring Daily)

“Are you having a microwave day or a stovetop day?” — Erica Betz

It’s a bummer when you’re having a microwave day but your responsibilities demand a stovetop day.

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Confidence comes from belonging

Liked Advice: “I’ve been told I’m awkward. How can I relax around people?” by Ayesha A. Siddiqi (Ayesha A. Siddiqi)

Social anxiety is getting in the way of the relationships this person wants to have.

Confidence comes out of a feeling of belonging.

“[S]ounds like the strain of someone waiting on a permission to be that hasn’t yet been offered.”

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Self optimization is not the answer

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…drinking however many cups of water They Say To, having a consistent morning routine, journaling for 30 minutes a day, or whatever is the missing piece you’ve latched onto for today.

Have you considered that self-optimization isn’t the answer?

Is it possible that you aren’t a problem or a project?

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Apply Meaning with Intention

Quoted 3-2-1: On mediocrity vs. genius, taking risks, and when to ignore a problem | James Clear by James Clear (James Clear)

3 short ideas from James Clear, 2 quotes from other people, and 1 question for you.

“The events of your past are fixed. The meaning of your past is not.

The influence of every experience in your life is determined by the meaning you assign to it.

Assign a more useful meaning to your past and it becomes easier to take a more useful action in the present.”

— James Clear

This is a good reminder for a ruminator like me.

You are in control of interpreting your past. Apply meaning with intention to not be trapped by past mistakes.

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No More Problems

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I think virtually everyone, except perhaps the very Zen or very old, goes through life haunted to some degree by the feeling that this isn’t quite the real thing, not just yet – that soon enough, we’ll get everything in working order, get organised, get our personal issues resolved, but that till then we’re living what the great Swiss psychologist Marie-Louise von Franz called the “provisional life.”

“Are you still under the illusion that you’ll one day reach a point in your life where you no longer have any problems?”

Hahahahahahahahaha 🙃 yeah I sometimes fall prey to this magical wishful thinking.

Yet they rarely escape the trap of implying that once a habit’s been implemented, it’ll become totally automatic – and life’s suffering, at least in that domain, will have ended for good.

Makes me think of Fight Club: “You tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you’re satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you’ve got your sofa issue handled.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Allow yourself to imagine what it might feel like to know you’d never fully get on top of your work, never become a really disciplined exerciser or healthy eater, never resolve the personal issue you feel defines your life’s troubles.