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Free shipping for small businesses

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We decided to just ask people to pay for shipping if they could. We also gave the option at check-out to get free shipping (like before), or even to “pay it forward” (paying double) if they were in a good place financially.

Everyone knows free shipping is terrible, but psychologically no one wants to pay for shipping.

This is an interesting approach for a small business to take: a compromise that trusts their committed customers to share the cost when they can. I also admire Craig Mod who charges (the very expensive true cost of) shipping for his photography books so people recognize the true cost of transporting something from Japan across the world.


Will the Ever Given Crew Be Abandoned and Stranded for Years?

Bookmarked Crew Of ‘Ever Given’ Could Be Stuck On The Big Boat For Years by Erin Marquis (Jalopnik)

It is surprisingly common for ships and their crews to be stranded and sometimes abandoned due to disappearing owners, pay disputes and management troubles

This is heinous.

What is the equivalent in science fiction? Sailors stranded in their spaceships, but also workers abandoned and stranded on planets?

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Minimum Viable Creativity

Bookmarked Minimum Viable Creativity by Ryan Mulholland (

It’s tough to be a creator.
It’s even tougher to do it consistently. The hurdles to creation are many and the way around is usually the hardest route. The sight of others’ success in public weighs heavy like an anchor keeping us from going anywhere.

“To remove pressure at the start, aim for minimum viable creativity (MVC).


Minimum Viable Creativity: The creative process that allows you to produce quicker and collect the maximum amount of validated learning from your audience with a lower barrier to production.”
— Ryan Mulholland

“Your work should contain pieces of each level on the pyramid above. Producing with only the foundation won’t create a feedback loop that pushes you onward and upward…Value sits at the top of the pyramid and should be the North Star benchmark in determining that you’ve created something ready for production.”

— Ryan Mulholland