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Silence as Speech

Quoted A Stutterer’s Guide to Writing Fiction – Electric Literature by Jake Wolff (Electric Literature)

How do you find “voice” in your writing when your own voice sometimes betrays you?

My “own true voice” is sometimes silence.

— Jake Wolff


Watched Tōkaidō — 47 — Seki Suspension Bridge

Watched Tōkaidō — 47 — Seki Suspension Bridge by Craig Mod from Youtube

A moment on the suspension bridge just heading out of Seki up into the woods towards Suzuka Pass.

A natural silence, one made of wind and bird song and lapping water.

This binaural audio is surprisingly intimate, you can even hear him swallow.


Watched Tōkaidō — 31 — Sotetsu Tree, Josenji, Akasaka

Watched Tōkaidō — 31 — Sotetsu Tree, Josenji, Akasaka by Craig Mod from YouTube

Looking into Josenji at Akasaka-juku, the famous Sotetsu tree is off to the left side, hidden by the ginko tree and the falling leaves.

Watched with my purring cat draped over my lap.

A moment of resistance, knowing it’s three minutes of silence, not wanting to commit to stillness and potential boredom. Despite years of meditation practice.

A reminder that life goes on, everyone in their own spaces, even as our own lives become more local.

Where, here, can I find these moments, these places to commit to for a few minutes? Nowhere right now, when even a walk around the block feels fraught with risk, everyone else unmasked.

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A Rich Seam of Silence

Quoted Unbroken silence by Andō (Silentium)

an invitation to silence

Like the Japanese art of kintsugi, allow silence to fill the cracks of your life, as gold fills the cracks of a broken plate.

Andō via Rhoneisms

In keeping with my recent readings on pauses. Rest, pause, reflection are undervalued in modern life.