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Watched Last Week Tonight: Qatar World Cup

Watched Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) from YouTube

John Oliver discusses the Qatar World Cup, the human rights violations happening in the sporting event’s host country, and what perfection really means to Da…

Kafala system – this form of indentured servitude is basically what Elon Musk envisions for colonizing Mars

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Read New World

Read New World

The discovery of the Americas forever changed the landscape of the world as cultures collided with violent consequences. New World weaves the stories of three characters from unique backgrounds—a Native Indian seeking revenge against those who invaded her land, an African musician fighting for freedom against those who enslaved him, and a Portuguese sailor in search of redemption. These three unlikely heroes, connected by fate, will work together to free the New World from the darkness of the old.

Simple but expressive artwork, with vivid color used effectively. Iracema is a great lead character for the story. Some metaphors I get (monsters as disease), there might be more I’m missing or maybe those elements are just magical realism.

Stunning cover.

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Grappling with the Guilt of Your Ancestors

Liked My People Were in Shipping by Mike Monteiro (Medium)

Trump was the “immigrants took our jobs” meme made pustulant flesh. Some of America, mostly white, mostly male, decided this was exactly what America needed. To grow up white and male, within a system that is designed specifically for you to succeed, and yet not succeed… Well, that’s embarrassing, and Trump was giving those white males an out. They could blame immigrants.

“And what my father did, you know it don’t mean shit, I’m not him.” – Bright Eyes

How can we be responsible for what our ancestors did? We didn’t exist. And yet, we benefitted from their actions, so we do hold some responsibility in making up for the wrongs they perpetrated against the ancestors of others. Reparations for slavery and genocide. Land back to the people it was stolen from.

Federally “owned” land, no brainer, return it to Native sovereignty, or share jurisdiction.

We can’t give back what now an individual owns, but we could give Natives first right of refusal on the land.

And there is no excuse for continuing not to honor treaties. We know the treaties screwed Native Americans and still can’t uphold the shit our ancestors promised? Pathetic. The only reason is so the government can keep extracting oil and natural resources.

And we must recognize tribes that we’ve denied federal recognition. What a crock of shit.