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Three Phases of a Creative Career

Liked The Arc of the Practical Creator – More To That (More To That)

[Y]ou must accept this harsh truth: You are trading away your creative potential for fiscal security. There’s no nice way to put it. Anyone who spends a majority of their working life in an unchallenging environment cannot cultivate the clarity of mind required to bring out the best in themselves.

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Attended Goal Setting and Business Planning

RSVPed Attending End of Year Goal Setting

With the upcoming new year, we’ve decided to two communal goal setting and business planning events, for all your productivity New Year’s Resolutions.

Hosted by the good folks at The Dream Foundry.

Helped me understand the difference between goals and business planning – and that I need to do some business planning.

Realize that things outside of your control are wishes not dreams

Accountability and planning tool with auto email check-ins.

Also handout had a brilliant concept: personal capacity check ins to base your to-do list off of your energy level on a given day.


Listened to Being Boss Podcast – Making a Business S1E2

Listened The Boundaries That Give You the Space to Grow | Making a Business from Being Boss

How to build boundaries for your work, creativity & life to ensure you’re making the most out of your time, energy & money as a product-based business owner

All about establishing boundaries (time, money, etc) when you are starting (and running) a business.

Like the thoughts about time blocking for business work to establish boundaries for how much you’re going to work on a project each week.


Listened to Being Boss Podcast “All About Value”

Listened It’s all about VALUE | Making a Business Podcast, a Being Boss Production from Being Boss

How to start a business based on your values, have a long-term business vision, & how to overcome the fraudy feelings for product-based business owners.

Liked the notion of thinking through what you want your day to look like as a way to design your business. Also like the idea of thinking longer term, like ten years out, about what you want your life and business to look like.