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Remove the stressors first

Bookmarked Stress systems. — (

On feeling overwhelmed by systems.

You don’t start by fixing the system. You start by relieving the stress.

Art and Design

Adobe Max: Breaking Systems

Watched How to (Properly) Break Your Design System from Adobe

Learn why a design system is central to designing digital products and user experiences and when and how to break that system to make your work more inspired.

Great presentation.

Bauhaus principles:

  • Form follows function – everything has a purpose
  • Total work of art – designer is responsible for the totality of the project
  • Machines / technology needed for mass production

Technology allows work to scale – but scale is a blessing and a curse

Ginga (pronounced “jinga”) – cool way of moving, freely, loosely – Brazilian term

I think I need to look at some more Brazilian design, his examples are cool 🤔 Reminder it’s important to look outside of the familiar, not get stuck in European and American centric design.

“When we build, let us think that we build forever.” – John Ruskin

How can we refuse oblivion? How can we bring more eternal qualities to the digital products we ship?” – Fabricio Teixeira


  • Deviate with a purpose
  • Don’t silo UX and UI, everything should work together “to deliver magical moments”
  • Bring tech into every step
  • Leave room for serendipity

“Signature moments”

Book rec:

Getting Shit Done

The Importance of Maintenance

Bookmarked Art of Managing Yourself: Things I’ve Learned by Yina HuangYina Huang (

If there is one fundamental principle I live by, it is to remember the second law of thermodynamics: that everything is subject to entropy and decay.
In less intense terms, it literally means everything is falling apart slowly.

The 5 Principles of Self-Management:

  1. Actively manage these four things: physical items, digital items, thoughts, and time.
  2. Focus on systems and routine to automate recurring tasks.
  3. Treat yourself like your own CEO.
  4. Beyond organizing your digital and physical items, it’s important to organize your mind.
  5. Nothing is forever, the key is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.

The “organize your mind” step is part of why I have this mind garden!

I’ve found that ensuring these four are organized is one of the best ways to minimize stress and anxiety:

  • Physical items
  • Digital items
  • Thoughts
  • Time

Using the analogy of a business, what are the key categories in your life that you need to consistently maintain? For ex: Physical Health? Financials? Relationships? Personal Growth?