Pluralistic ignorance

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refers to a situation in which the minority position on a given topic is wrongly perceived to be the majority position or where the majority position is wrongly perceived to be the minority position.

When I was little I assumed most people I met were also not religious 😂 I then carried that assumption forward to other geeky people like me, but I finally learned my lesson on this front in my twenties.

Now collectively the US is suffering from this phenomenon wherein Republicans cannot fathom that their views are unpopular and so believe elections are being stolen from them. Of course, no one wants to admit they’re in the wrong, and especially not when it puts them on the losing side, so we face an uphill battle for democracy now they’ve dug in and refuse to believe anything contrary to their belief in their majority, from demographics to clean audits to a complete lack of evidence of wrongdoing.


The “maxim of extravagance”

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To attract attention, we submit to the “maxim of extravagance.” You really want people to see the taxidermied pig you just bought, so you tell your friend, “Man, this thing is incredible.”

semantic bleaching: when words are overused and wear out their meaning

Learning Science

TIL: white holes and efficacy

Today I learned:

  • White holes are the opposite of black holes and the big bang might be that
  • Efficacy is how well it works in ideal conditions; effectiveness is how well it works under normal conditions