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Abstract bubbles beneath ice

Liked iceformation by Ryota Kajita / 梶田亮太 - PhotographerRyota Kajita / 梶田亮太 – Photographer (

His photography series of “Ice Formation” is featured in the magazine “Photo Technique” (November/December 2012), “”(May 2015), ““ (August 2015), “城市画報 -CITY ZINE-“ (January/Februray 2016), National Geographic Magazine (March 2020) and is represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California and Fotofilmic in Vancouver, Canada.

bubbles beneath ice covered in spiky frostI love the spiky ice atop the frozen surface, the rounded bubbles at center contrasted against the dark depths. A warm fur cloak cocooning a precious cluster of eggs.

white bubbles in a splat of black surrounded by thinning iceI like that the thinning window of ice is at once dendritic, parasitic, the expansion of decay and darkness. And within that hazy-edged darkness, brilliant sharp crystalline bursts of white.

Art and Design Resources and Reference

Zipatone textures

Bookmarked 1974 Zipatone Catalog (

Cover and swatches from a 1974 Zipatone catalog. Shading films were not unique to Zipatone, but as the leaders in the field, their catchy name has become synonymous with these types of pressure-sensitive pattern sheets. I scanned and uploaded the swatches rather large so that they can be used in Photoshop or Illustrator as patterns or textures. Today, most of these designs could be achieved with a few clicks of a mouse but for anyone who would like to inject a little 1970s realness into their work, I hope these will come in handy. Each swatch is 1800 x 1200 px (6” X 4” at 300 dpi). Have fun! Zipatone Inc., 1974

Art and Design Resources and Reference Science

The Dunes of Mars

Bookmarked HiRISE | High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment by University of Arizona (

Gorgeous textures of geologic formations on Mars, courtesy of NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab / University of Arizona. These would make beautiful additions or backgrounds for artwork…

152 pages of this… What a bounty!

Plains South of Valles Marineris
North Polar Gypsum Dunes
Sediment forms in Proctor Crater