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Tree-grown typeface

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Occlusion Grotesque is an experimental typeface that is carved into the bark of a tree. As the tree grows, it deforms the letters and outputs new design variations, that are captured annually.

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Tree sculptures by John Grade

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Inspired by changing geological and biological forms and systems in the natural world, John works with his studio team to sculpt immersive large-scale, site-specific installations. Kinetics, impermanence and chance are often central to the work.

wooden sculpture of cast hemlock tree hanging sideways in art gallery
Middle fork by John Grade

This piece is extremely cool looking — and even cooler that it’s from the Middle Fork, a place that’s really important to me and my husband.

The dedication it took to make this piece happen! He and a team cast a plaster mold of the original tree in situ!

looking up into carved out stump of a burned huge sequoia trunk, with divots carved through and black burned patches
Coalition by John Grade

I really like the hollow, perforated format, the raw wood form of his pieces. On Coalition it’s like the natural decay of beetle holes, but manmade. On Middle Fork it’s like a weaving, making me think of fish weirs and the local Snoqualmie tribe (even though Snoqualmie Falls is a natural fish passage barrier to the Middle Fork).


Watched Tōkaidō — 31 — Sotetsu Tree, Josenji, Akasaka

Watched Tōkaidō — 31 — Sotetsu Tree, Josenji, Akasaka by Craig Mod from YouTube

Looking into Josenji at Akasaka-juku, the famous Sotetsu tree is off to the left side, hidden by the ginko tree and the falling leaves.

Watched with my purring cat draped over my lap.

A moment of resistance, knowing it’s three minutes of silence, not wanting to commit to stillness and potential boredom. Despite years of meditation practice.

A reminder that life goes on, everyone in their own spaces, even as our own lives become more local.

Where, here, can I find these moments, these places to commit to for a few minutes? Nowhere right now, when even a walk around the block feels fraught with risk, everyone else unmasked.