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Watched The Lost City

Watched The Lost City from

A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure.

I laughed more than I expected to! They did a great job making fun of the tropes of romcoms and romance but not in a mean way. Yes, it has all the scenes you expect, but the writers go all in, push the gags as far as they can, and don’t take the story too seriously. It’s goofy and it knows it.

I want that pink bodysuit.


Watched Stranger Things S4 Part 2

Watched Stranger Things Season 4 from

(This is all negative critique but the episodes were fine entertainment. I liked the “most metal concert of all time” and appreciated how they set up the location of El’s final battle.)

🤔 I don’t think acknowledging that something is on the nose excuses it from being on the nose. It also has a feeling of breaking the fourth wall without actually doing so by commenting on the meta of the story. But I guess they needed to pound it into our heads to set up the climax? I wanted a more completion of a character arc from the active protagonist of the climax, without prompting.

Also some really heavy-handed visual metaphor going on for the final scene. (Where’s the line between heavy-handed and effective? Maybe it needed the drama.)

A lot of the dialogue was really predictable because they lean so heavily into the tropes. When does homage descend into generic derivative? The episodes to some extent felt cobbled together of obligatory scenes and moments, trope-fated. Even who lived and died. Maybe I’m being a snob here and this is just effective storytelling 🤷‍♀️ This isn’t a show that needs nuance, it is what it is, a celebration of the 80s and horror.

But I feel like the earlier seasons had more surprises? Perhaps this is inherent to resolving a long-arc story, since you have to stop adding new stuff and work with the pieces you already have, and as viewers get to know the characters there are fewer surprises.

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Read Vaant

Read Vaant (The Galaxos Crew, #1)

Isla Lennox is the best interpreter aboard the Alliance ship Argo – if the captain would ever give her a chance to do her job. When he fi…

I was in the mood for some action sci fi and this hit the spot.

A quick read with interesting worldbuilding / plot setup and a large crew of characters that have their own future books – a host of lady officers with diverse skills, who hold their own and kick ass.

This offers a spin on alien abduction where the alien believes he is rescuing the women from future mistreatment. The tertiary races encountered are a little loosely described but it was a short book so 🤷‍♀️

Weird alien biology that they’re like living mood rings, I imagine being able to tell others’ moods at least in broad strokes would make a big difference in cultural exchanges. Lying would be a lot harder. Secrets seem harder too.

A little uncomfortable Orientalist vibe that they’re essentially made out to be alien Bedouins, with some othering that they’ve got beads and bone woven in their hair, but fortunately that is only mentioned a couple times near the beginning. Of course they are also a warrior race prone to action not talk and carry ceremonial daggers :/ Makes me wonder a bit if the super popular alien abduction romance stories are the modern incarnation of sheikh romances?