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Read Four Lost Cities

Read Four Lost Cities

A quest to explore some of the most spectacular ancient cities in human history—and figure out why people abandoned them. In Four Lost …

Took me a long time to get through this (3 library check-outs) but I enjoyed it! Interesting to examine four disparate cities to analyze their culture, how it changed, and how the city faded or generally disbanded (or was wiped in the case of Pompeii).


Read A Bride’s Story 11

Read A Bride’s Story, Vol. 11 (A Bride’s Story, #11) by Kaoru Mori

Having reached his destination in Ankara, Smith is not only reunited with his old friend, but also Talas, the woman he briefly stayed with on his journey. An agreement was made, and now Smith must travel back to Amir and Karluk with his new companions and newly acquired camera. However, the roads back are perilous as war approaches…

So happy that a good bit of this volume focused on Talas! I waited a long time for this and was so pleased when she came back at the end of the last volume.


Menemen and Turkish Breakfast

Watched POV Menemen (Turkish Eggs with Peppers and Tomato) by J. Kenji López-Alt from

Menemen is a Turkish dish that should be more famous than it is. It’s one of my favorite breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or whenever) dishes ever. Tomatoes, peppers, good olive oil, eggs, and a little magic. Your mouth won’t know what hit it.

Or maybe it will know exactly what hit it: Tomatoes, peppers, good olive oil, eggs, and a little magic.

You can get a written recipe (that I never actually follow) here on Serious Eats:

This looks pretty easy to make, and tasty! Summer dish when you can get good tomatoes. Never tried grating tomatoes like that, seems easy enough.

We went to Turkey and never had this, but the traditional Turkish “spread” with hard-boiled eggs, bread, cheese, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, and tea. We liked it so well for years I’d re-create a version for us in the summer. I’ll still have tomatoes with breakfast if I’ve got them around and we’re having eggs.