Watched How I Edit a First Draft

Watched How To Edit A Rough Draft || My Editing Process from YouTube

You finished a rough draft: Now what?? I know so many of us struggle with how to take our first draft from where it is now to where we want it to be.

  1. Braindump of ideas as soon as she finishes draft — what’s still in your head?
  2. What’s the overarching story question that’ll be answered?
  3. Zeroes in on POV character arc now that she knows the characters better
    • where is the character at the beginning?
    • mirror moment: midpoint recognition that they’re resisting change
    • who does this character need to be at the end?
  4. Looks at turning points / bones of the story:
    • ACT ONE
      • Opening scene/ hook
      • Key event — locks your character into the story
      • Meet the antagonist/ learn the mystery
      • Meet cute
    • ACT TWO part 1
      • Into the new world
      • Pinch point
      • Midpoint
    • ACT TWO part 2
      • Reaction to midpoint
      • Second pinch point
      • Second doorway — catapults into third act
      • All is lost
      • Climax / profession of love
      • Resolution
  5. Checks scene by scene:
    • does the progression from scene to scene work?
    • Are there plot holes that need filling?
    • Is the scene needed?
    • Does this scene support character arc, theme, plot?
  6. Makes scene index cards: character goal, outcome
  7. Fills in the holes, rewrite and write new scenes — she likes to fill in holes first rather than going through the whole book from the start
  8. THEN attacks sentence by sentence edits, amplifies what’s already good — here she goes from start to finish — some people do multiple passes of whole book with different targets, she does multiple passes chapter by chapter
  9. Listens through text to speech or naturalreaders
  10. Beta readers — she has them all comment on the same draft
  11. Copy editor / line editor — find inconsistencies and pacing issues
  12. One Final Read! She doesn’t like to let it sit for too long, maybe a week, trying to experience as a reader (tries to read in one sitting)
  13. Proofreader

Watched How to Work with Beta Readers

Watched How To Work With Beta Readers For Your Novel | How To Edit Your Novel: Part 3 from YouTube

How do you work with beta readers for your novel? In today’s video, I’m going to answer all your questions about beta readers!

Looking for someone who understands the book is incomplete, that you’re looking for feedback, needs to provide constructive criticism and be honest

She recommends line editor before beta read — beta read is one of the final steps

Most beta readers are not paid in $$$ — get to read book early and participate in process, behind the scenes working with the author — but be super thankful

How do you find beta readers? Hard when you’re a new author without fans 🤷‍♀️ Consider friends and family? Start building a relationship with people — Goodreads groups?

Writers can be tricky beta readers, but an option — beta read swap

Don’t have to have a beta reader — if you can at least have one other person read it (even a copyeditor)

She gets feedback on Google Docs — makes a beta reader version and gets comments on same copy

Also sends a form with questions or a list of questions to guide them through the process

Gives them a copy of the final book

Beta readers will take as long as you give them 😉 Try to give them plenty of time — two weeks to a month?

(She has list of suggested questions for beta readers)


Star flares in space telescope photos

Watched The Genius Geometry of the James Webb Space Telescope by Stand Up Maths from YouTube

What I assumed to be some aperture deal — the star points coming off of artsy shots by the James Webb and Hubble telescopes — are actually the result of the supports for a secondary focal mirror (both) and the hexagonal mirror shape (James Webb).

Cool Technology

Parrots making Zoom friends

Liked Birds of a Feather Video-Flock Together (ACM Conferences)

Design and Evaluation of an Agency-Based Parrot-to-Parrot Video-Calling System for Interspecies Ethical Enrichment. | Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

This feels both sweet and appalling that social creatures are kept as solitary pets 🫤🦜

Lifestyle Self Care Writing

Watched Getting Back To The Joy Of Writing

Watched Getting Back To The Joy Of Writing ✨💻 WRITER RESET from YouTube

This is it! It’s time for the writer reset series, and I’m taking you along on my journey to rediscover the joy and passion I once had for my writing, finish…

  • Tool refresh
  • Updating writing space and practice
  • Reading craft books
  • Creative play that isn’t writing
  • Lifting mood with music
  • Reconnecting with community
  • Eating well and taking care of herself
  • Walking and talking or thinking to figure out story problems
  • Organization (oh what, you mean having my writing shit in a pile on the floor makes it harder to write? 😂😅)

Book: “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki — everything around your house has a message for you –> invisible to do list (this rings very true)

Humor Science

Watched The Traumatizing Reality of Being An Ant


I was impressed at how many ways this guy managed to not say the word “die.” I think my favorite was “remove itself from the census” 😂

Culture History

Watched The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

Watched The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records from YouTube

I have no interest in video games but this oral history is told in such a compelling way I kept getting sucked in over what I was reading. For an hour and a half! The amount of research done is incredible. This is the type of cultural record that should be archived somewhere official, it’s that well done. And it’s made by some person funded by Patreon supporters — exactly what crowd funding is meant for, to create niche things like this that probably wouldn’t have been made otherwise.


Watched Getting Excited About My Novel Again

Watched Getting Excited About My Novel Again✨💻 WRITER RESET from YouTube

It’s been so much fun just allowing myself to focus on the joy of the process! In today’s writer reset vlog, I’m sharing the steps I’m taking to get back into my novel after a break and how I’m inviting the muse to come play!

  • Printing off each chapter and rereading as a refresh, to remember dialogue and conflicts and character — write summary notes and impressions at end of chapter
  • Alternating writing and work sprints for variety
  • Google Docs speech to text

Interesting she connects her overall creativity with how much she dreams

I like her thinking about already having had a break from the work, so she doesn’t want to let inertia continue to keep her from making progress.

Getting Shit Done

Watched My To-do List Philosophy

Watched My To-Do List Philosophy from YouTube

Too much of my creativity comes from my To-Do list these days.
0:00 To-Do lists as an accomplice to burnout
0:34 Philosophy of my DO lists
2:15 Archival to-do lists
2:58 A project for Sleepy Jones
4:11 The value of to-do lists
5:17 Are to-do lists destroying my creativity
7:39 The next thing on my to-do list

I still don’t really get his “do lists” — does he make a new one every day?

Lately I’ve been making two lists on paper: a daily to do list and a weekly or weekend to do list. The daily one only gets stuff that really actually needs to happen today, and if I have time I can also do things from the weekly to do list. I also include fun activities that I know I’ll enjoy but might otherwise put off, like baking a new recipe, and get-togethers with friends to recognize their importance in my schedule (and also remind myself about them, in part so I don’t overbook myself with tasks 😉).

(Via Anna Havron)


How to hang things on the wall with screws

Liked Mercury Stardust on Instagram (Instagram)

“How to hang a mirror in the wall. This will work on plaster & lathe and drywall. This also works on pictures, but for shelves and TVs I recommend always finding at least one stud. (The wood frame holding up the wall behind the plaster) #DIY #Lgbtqqia #Homerepair #Askmercury”

Using tape to mark the locations then moving the tape to a level — brilliant! 😂 Those EZ anchors look way easier to use than the ones you need a drill for… probably not strong enough to hang my curtain rods tho 🤔