Wasted Time

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Notes to self

The things that you “waste time on”…there’s a reason you’re drawn to them, explore the root of that impulse and follow where it takes you.

I like this thought! Figuring out *why* you do things or like things can yield insights.

If it feels like a good use of your time it probably is. Don’t let productivity culture warp your relationship to an indifferent force of nature. When it comes to a life well spent, time is not a currency you can budget. That would imply you know how much you have to spend.

Spent half an hour snuggling my cat and listening to music earlier, can’t say it was a bad use of time ♥️

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Wonderful Wasted Time

Quoted Waste time (A Working Library)

Ruefle begins the titular essay in her collection with the statement, “I don’t know where to begin because I have nothing to say,” and then proceeds, as elsewhere in the book, to say a great deal:

John Ashbery, in an interview in the Poetry Miscellany, talks about wasting time: “I waste a lot of time. That’s part of the [creative process]….The problem is, you can’t really use this wasted time. You have to have it wasted. Poetry disequips you for the requirements of life. You can’t use your time.” In other words, wasted time cannot be filled, or changed into another habit; it is a necessary void of fomentation.

Mary Ruefle

“For there is so little time to waste during a life. [Mary Ruefle]” What a lovely corrective to the advice we’re usually given, that wasting time is slothful or indolent. And note that Ruefle is careful not to suggest that wasted time is invisibly productive. This isn’t a backhanded lifehack—it’s a defense of inefficiency.
— Mandy Brown