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Dry season


🤯 that Winter isn’t the rainy season in the Midwest – knew there was a rain shadow effect but wouldn’t have guessed it made winter dry there.

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Three Shots of the Same Mountain

Watched Winter Landscape Photography & Aerials by Scott Kranz from

After record snowfall in the Cascade Range, I step into the backcountry for a ski tour to capture some winter landscape images and drone aerials of the surrounding mountains and forest.


Three shots taken at the same spot on the same trip with dramatically different lighting. Really cool to see all three side by side to recognize how much the light changed over a short time and what a difference it makes in the feel of the shot.


Watched Wild Nordic Land of Ice and Snow

Watched National Geographic WILD – Wild Nordic from

As seen by the Viking gods, the fabled wildernesses of Norway, Finland and Sweden are revealed from the skies above.

The Top of the World uncovers a vast frozen wilderness marked by unique artic wildlife, age-old traditions and a battle against the harshest winters.

This episode is probably the most original of the bunch, each had a little original material but a lot of very similar content. This episode was more weighted towards the people of the north.

This series is big into the zoom and accelerate editing technique, which I find compelling even though it should get old.

Apparently in the Arctic Circle the snow comes starting in August. *shudder*