Watched Getting Excited About My Novel Again

Watched Getting Excited About My Novel Again✨💻 WRITER RESET from YouTube

It’s been so much fun just allowing myself to focus on the joy of the process! In today’s writer reset vlog, I’m sharing the steps I’m taking to get back into my novel after a break and how I’m inviting the muse to come play!

  • Printing off each chapter and rereading as a refresh, to remember dialogue and conflicts and character — write summary notes and impressions at end of chapter
  • Alternating writing and work sprints for variety
  • Google Docs speech to text

Interesting she connects her overall creativity with how much she dreams

I like her thinking about already having had a break from the work, so she doesn’t want to let inertia continue to keep her from making progress.


Thinking with paper

Liked Thinking is Messy by Anna Havron (Analog Office)

Write on your books.

Write in your books.

It helps you think.

And thinking is messy.

I especially like the Feynman example:

Feynman wasn’t (just) being crotchety. He was defending a view of the act of creation that would be codified four decades later in Andy Clark’s theory of the extended mind. Writing about this very episode, Clark argues that, indeed, “Feynman was actually thinking on the paper. The loop through pen and paper is part of the physical machinery responsible for the shape of the flow of thoughts and ideas that we take, nonetheless, to be distinctively those of Richard Feynman.” (Annie Murphy Paul, The Extended Mind, loc 2842)

I absolutely find different tools allow me to think differently. Digitally, this blog is one writing and thinking tool; Scrivener and its folder structures allow big picture thinking about stories; Excel lets me organize information and pacing. On paper, freewriting in a notebook opens me up to looser, less constrained idea generation and exploration; notecards let me move around scenes and see story structure at a glance. Even within the scope of Scrivener or Excel or my notebook, I have forms that also offer structures for thinking, which occur through their completion.

And the work is often the thinking; the thinking would not happen without the process of transformation between mind and paper. Writing is a catalyst for thought.


Include emotion in alt text for improved understanding

Bookmarked Writing great alt text: Emotion matters by Jake Archibald (

The relevant parts of an image aren’t limited to the cold hard facts. Images can make you feel a particular way, and that’s something that should be made available to a screen reader user.

A good reminder to not get hung up on the details but focus on the meaning.

Resources and Reference Science Science Fiction

Minimum Population for a Self-Sustaining Space Colony

Bookmarked Minimum Number of Settlers for Survival on Another Planet (

Salotti, J. Minimum Number of Settlers for Survival on Another Planet. Sci Rep 10, 9700 (2020).

110 people

Calculations based on Mars using mathematical models

Sharing labor is key to balancing output needs with input capabilities