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Zoom Exhaustion

Bookmarked A Theory of Zoom Fatigue by L. M. Sacasas (The Convivial Society)

Why is video-conferencing so exhausting?

The problem with video-conferencing is that the body is but isn’t there… The situation is more like a face-to-face encounter than most any other medium, but, for that very reason, it frustrates us because it is, nonetheless, significantly different. I suppose we might think of it as something like a conversational uncanny valley. The full range of what the mind assumes should be available to it when it perceives a body, simply isn’t there…

Participants are not, in fact, sharing the same physical space, making it difficult to perceive our conversation partners as part of a cohesive perceptive field. They lose their integrity as objects of perception, which is to say they don’t appear whole and independent; they appear truncated and as parts of a representation within another object of perception, the screen.


Attended Homebrew Website Club

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One big HWC, for anyone in the Americas who wants to dial in. Let’s talk about what we would like to do in 2021 now that it is here. What’s Homebrew Website Club?
Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you’re a blogger, coder, de…

Headphones let me listen along while making dinner.

Interesting discussion about recipe tracking, and what people are looking for in a recipe format (especially depending on how experienced they are, or if it’s the first time making a recipe).

Interesting to hear the kinds of projects people are working on, even if they are over my head technically. Soaking it all in, learning, learning.