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Building with DIY plastic bricks

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Ecobricks prevent plastic from becoming trash, waste, recycling, incineration or pollution. Eco bricks enable non-capital, zero-waste, net-zero, plastic sequestration.

We have a ton of plastic film but basically zero plastic bottles 🤔

I like to see a creative use of a hard-to-recycle material, and it’s another form of the earth ship reclaimed waste building approach. I’d guess it’d be better to recycle the film if recycling is available, but it’s not in most places.


Hotel in Palm Springs

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If we ever make it back to Palm Springs 🏝️

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House Self Care

Make your home a sanctuary

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I asked a social worker once, who saw a considerable amount of human misery in her job, how she coped with the hard things she dealt with at work.

“I’ve made my home into my sanctuary,” she said.

We all have different ideas of the kinds of environments that restore us and refresh us, but in order to create a personal sanctuary, the foundation is in four invisible luxuries, which I call the Four S’s: savings, silence, solitude, and physical space.

The opposite of the Four S’s is clutter, clamor, crowding, and crises

I have so much crap around my house, and even though I have boxes to take to Goodwill it doesn’t seem to ever lessen.

The good I’ve done with making my home feel like a nice place to be: hang art I love all over the house. I’ve brought in nice accessories, lovely useful things like beautiful pottery to hold my pens, fuzzy blankets, and cushy throw pillows.

But there’s only so much you can do with accessories. Cute throws on the couch don’t cancel out the dark paint that makes the room feel cave-like. And cuteness doesn’t negate the piles of junk around, even liking a “more is more” vibe. And I’ve chosen some accessories poorly — like a beautiful wool blanket that’s too delicate for my cats, who pull long loops of thread with their claws every time they walk across it, so now it looks kind of raggedy.


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If you’re looking for the best books on any topic, Five Books has the world’s largest collection of expert book recommendations.


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Shapes of Reading

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Prioritizing depth: reading everything there is to read in a focused niche (but: may lack context and variety). Prioritizing breadth: reading widely across many areas (but: may stay on the surface).

A common way to balance the two is what I’ve seen called a “T-shaped” approach.

This is a fun thing to consider when I do my next annual reading reflection.

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Global Voices is an international, multilingual community of writers, translators, academics, and digital rights activists.